"Paying for tobacco use cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit for adults that can be provided to employees."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Why Invest In Tobacco Cessation Programs?

Although smokers have been pushed out of sight by smoke-free laws, the costs of smoking remain staggering. In addition to higher healthcare costs associated with employees that smoke, lower workforce productivity━from smoking-related absences to distractions due to nicotine cravings and smoking breaks━is also negatively impacting business success.

This is why Wellable partnered with the EX Program, a digital tobacco cessation program from the Truth Initiative. The EX Program has helped more than 900,000 tobacco users develop the skills and confidence to successfully quit.

Invest In Tobacco Cessation Programs

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Personalized Quit Plan

Personalized Quit Plan

The EX Program's interactive, self-paced, and guided quit plan provides the specialized support tobacco users need to address the behavioral, social, and physical aspects of tobacco addiction. It includes digital and video content on preparing to quit, opportunities for building a support system, interactive tools to identify triggers and track tobacco use patterns, and tailored communications based on a participant's quit status.

English and Spanish versions are available to participants.

Live Chat_EX Program

Live Chat Coaching

When tobacco users have a question or craving, their EX Coach is always there to help. Supervised by the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center clinical team, EX Coaches are tobacco treatment experts that understand how this addiction affects each person's life differently and how best to overcome it. EX Coaches help participants:

  • Set a quit date
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Choose the right quit medication
  • Avoid relapse
Online Community_EX program

Active Online Community

The award-winning EX Community provides an unrivaled level of peer support. As part of the largest tobacco cessation community, thousands of current and ex-tobacco users share candid advice and powerful motivation. The Truth Initiative's research has proven that participation in the EX Community is a key driver of quitting success. The vibrant community offers:

  • In-the-moment advice
  • Powerful, candid accounts of quit journeys
  • Empathy and encouragement
  • Medical expertise from Dr. Taylor Hays, Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center
Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Using nicotine replacement therapy can double the chances of quitting successfully. EX Coaches help participants choose the right quit medication and dosage as well as coordinate delivery. Participants receive four weeks of nicotine patches, gums, or lozenges delivered to their homes.

Text Messaging Platform

Text Messaging Platform

Unlike other programs that use static content, the EX Program's robust text messaging platform delivers interactive and tailored messages based on how the tobacco user has━or hasn't━engaged with the program. Research has shown that the EX Program's text messaging program increases the number of participants who set a quit date and complete the necessary steps in the EX Plan by providing:

  • Personalized advice
  • On-demand support
  • Medication guidance
  • Optional content
  • Tailored e-cigarette messaging