Measure What Matters

Management-Ready Dashboards

Review highly visual and insightful reports at any time through an easy-to-navigate administrator portal. Quickly summarize overall program results and access key statistics by demographic, user engagement trends, Wellable Points distribution, challenge leaderboards, and more.

Management-Ready Dashboards
User-Level Reporting

User-Level Reporting

Generated directly through the admin portal, user-level reporting is helpful for identifying challenge winners, monitoring incentive eligibility, and determining which employees have participated in company-specific events or activities.

More Than Just Numbers

Customizable surveys can be issued periodically to capture qualitative feedback from employees. These insights are valuable for measuring program impact and optimizing wellness strategies to achieve organizational goals.

More Than Just Numbers

On-Demand Analytics

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Wellness Assessment Results

Employers offering Wellable’s Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA) will have access to de-identified, aggregated data from all respondents to help inform wellness programming decisions. PWA reporting provides direct insight into which areas of health and well-being employees may desire improvement in. Use this information to offer challenges, content, and other resources that will address prioritized areas of well-being.

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Overall Program Engagement

Get detailed analytics and program-specific data aggregated from every user in a program. Administrators can quickly reference wellness program engagement, as well as dive into advanced analytics to assess how users are engaging in the program across each of the four categories of Wellable Points (Activity, Nutrition, Daily Challenge, and Special Activity).

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Company-Specific Activities

Employers utilizing the Special Activity feature can get tailored reporting that tracks employee participation to isolate, monitor, and incentivize high-value activities. Common examples of featured activities include attending company-sponsored training, receiving an annual physical, or completing a wellness assessment.